From the first moment you meet Manal Griffiths, you instantly know that she’s distinctively different. You can see it in the way her warm, friendly smile lights up a room. You can feel it in the surge of positive energy that takes control when she’s speaking. You can hear it in her compassionate tone and demeanor when she’s talking to others.

Accent On Life

Anyone who knows Manal will tell you that she has a rare talent for making others feel comfortable. Whether she’s meeting with a group of friends, spending time with her husband and two sons or helping her clients make the most of the local area, her positive energy and enthusiasm for life is simply contagious.

Focused And Determined

Born in the Mediterranean and raised in Europe, Manal earned her degree in computer programming and hotel management from Hammersmith University in the United Kingdom. An active student, she refined her communication and leadership skills when she landed a job in the hospitality field where she was promoted to the head of her department within just a few months. "I’ve always been a very focused person," she says. "My father motivated me to do my best, while my mother’s generous attitude inspired me to help others in my community."

The Ideal Community

Living in Southeast Houston with her husband, Fred, and their two sons, Ryan and Ronan, Manal takes full advantage of the benefits of living in such a family-oriented community. She often spends her free time at her sons’ soccer matches where she gets the opportunity to meet and socialize with other residents who share her same love of family and commitment to the community.

A Personal Approach

With such a strong bond to her community and an exceptional outlook on life, it’s no great surprise that Manal is such a success in her career. As a leading real estate professional in Southeast Houston, she offers her own unique style of doing business that starts with a personable approach. "My goal is to make the client feel comfortable from the start," she says.

One-On-One Attention

Manal sits down with her clients so she can focus on their needs and desires before mapping out a plan of action. She understands the stress that comes with moving and works hard to create a friendly, easy-going atmosphere that her clients can enjoy. Whether she’s walking a client through the process step-by-step or using her strong negotiation skills to get the best deal, she always goes above and beyond to provide extraordinary service. With such a strong knowledge of several different cultures, Manal can understand many of her clients’ needs and help them accomplish their real estate goals.

Service Beyond The Ordinary

If you’re considering buying or selling a home, call the professional whose service is as unique as her personality. Beyond Ordinary—Extraordinary, that’s Manal Griffiths. Give her a call today.